Checking phone number line type in bulk the fastest and easiest with 100% correctness! Phone Validator app for iOS for FREE!

Phone Validator app helps you check phone number line type in bulk or individual very easy.

We use Twilio for this app, all you need to do is register a Twilio account before starting using this app.

The look up service is almost 100% correctness for US/CA phone numbers, but it will work for the other countries too!
Our Phone Validator app will help you check phone number line type: mobile, landline, voiceip, or invalid... in bulk by uploading a CSV file to the app and click Verify to start checking.

Some impressive features:
- Bulk phone number look up: mobile, landline, voip...
- Export to CSV file with the line type details.
- Individual phone number line type check.
- Very detail log, both from app and from Twilio API call.
- Support all countries, not only US/CA!

IMPORTANT NOTES: after finish cleaning up, you need to export to result to CSV, if not, the new import will remove the old data, you have to re-check the old one if you need it again!

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